I welcome the world’s embrace of data and date-driven decisions. Yet, opportunities for sloppy inference are abundant.

If there is magic available, I expect it to be in the intersection of data and ideas

Throughout my own research career, I have pursued rigorous answers to challenging questions. I have an analytical mindset and strong intuition, but I also respond well to practical constraints. This makes for efficient and focussed analyses, valuable to active policy making and to policy evaluation.

We should meet. We should talk.

I am willing to respond with “I don’t know” when I don’t know. I don’t get caught up in fancy, unless fancy is what is required — in which case that’s what I’ll do for you. I abstract away from particulars quickly, and in new environments I effectively identify the margins of importance and the relevant moving pieces. I will ask you good questions, while often beginning my answers to your questions with “Here's what I would do, and why I would do it…” or, “If you were to do this, I would expect it to be for these reasons.”

I’m careful. I have sound judgement. I pursue trust relationships that enable honest, outside-of-the box thinking. In the end, I may influence your decisions in profitable and productive ways, or conclude with you that your intuition was right all along. Either way, there is untapped confidence available in those outcomes, and I’d like to be part of that process with you.

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