Work in Progress

"Confidence and Contrition: Is Cheating Internalized in Performance Assessments?" (with Nate Adams and Michael Kuhn)

"Vote Influence in Group Decision-Making: The Changing Nature of Ideology and Partisanship on the Supreme Court," (with Max Mindock)

"The Mitigating Role of Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs in the Abuse of Prescription Drugs," IZA Discussion Paper 10990 (with Erica Birk)

"Performance and Risk Taking Under Threat of Elimination" (with Nate Adams). (Earlier version available as IZA Discussion Paper 10977," IZA Discussion Paper 10977.)

"Do Men Matter to Female Performance Even When They Don't?" IZA Discussion Paper 10184 (with Erica Birk and Logan Lee)

"Prisoner Misconduct: Do Inmates Respond Rationally to Incentives?" (with Benjamin Hansen and Logan Lee)

"Communication Technology and Its Effects on Prisoner Drug Use and Violence,” (with Benjamin Hansen and Logan Lee)

"Walk Like a Man: Do Juvenile Offenders Respond to Being Tried as Adults?" (with Benjamin Hansen) 

New version coming soon, with experimental results! "The Timing of Preference and Prejudice in Sequential Hiring Games," IZA Discussion Paper 8445 (with Logan Lee)

"The Sport of Kings: Gender Discrimination Among Gamblers at the Races," (with Logan Lee)

"Benefit Generosity and Injury Duration: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from Regression Kinks," IZA Discussion Paper 10621 (with Benjamin Hansen and Tuan Nguyen)